How to find and attract your ideal client with Relationship Marketing

How to find and attract your ideal client with Relationship Marketing

If you struggle with marketing yourself or your products, feel like making sales offers is spammy & icky, or you just can't figure out why no one seems to want your product or service, then you need a Relationship Marketing Strategy!

Relationship marketing is a marketing approach that creates authentic connections, produces opportunities for offers, and grows a long-term, actionable plan for finding & nurturing your ideal clients, and generates conversations & relationships that CONVERT to sales & customers with ease!

5 Modules

What is Relationship Marketing

Get a broad look at what relationship marketing is, why it works as a converting marketing strategy, and how it can be incorporated into your business.

MINDSET: from Uncomfortable Sales-y to Confident Solutions

The first step to creating an effective Relationship Marketing Strategy is Mindset. 

OPERATIONS: Ideal Client or Customer Tracking

It's time to find and track your ideal clients! 

This system will help you create a plan for purposely going to Facebook groups, Instagram, or other social media places to find your people and start meaningful conversations that start relationships and ultimately lead to sales. 

Tracking your conversations will help you to build relationships that will lead to long-term sales.

MOVEMENT: Purposeful Action

A plan without consistent action is just a wishlist. It's time to create movement in your plan for relationship marketing


Want to make the most out of your Relationship Marketing plan for your business? Learn how in this module.

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